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BioNippy is not just only an App that you can download, place your orders and have them delivered within minutes. Our mission is make organic, recycled and sustainable products available and accessible to the masses. Our value proposition is more than just offering convenience and speed to consumers. The reason why we are building simultaneously a platform that is covering the following themes.

Generating informative materials

The platform is creating a website and a mobile app to educate users about the benefits of recycled, sustainable and organic products, and assist them in making informed decisions.

Product sales

The platform will facilitate online and/or offline sales of the aforementioned products (Food and Non-Food).

Expert consultation

Experts on the platform will guide individuals in selecting the appropriate products and answer queries related to sustainable living. (Also use of AI)

Event management

The platform will arrange presentations, workshops, fairs, and other gatherings centered on sustainable living, organic food, and utility items.

Advocating for local and small-scale producers

By promoting and selling their products on the platform, local and small-scale producers will receive support, thus promoting sustainable lifestyles and local farms.

Supporting research and development

The platform will conduct research to enhance and advance the production of organic and sustainable food and utility items.


The platform will serve as a forum for people interested in sustainable living, providing an opportunity to connect, share ideas and collaborate on projects related to sustainable living and organic products.


The platform will utilize various marketing strategies to promote sustainable products and educate the public on their benefits.

Partnership building

The platform will establish partnerships with relevant organizations and individuals, such as farmers' cooperatives, environmental organizations, and sustainability advocates, to advance its mission of promoting sustainable living.


What are you waiting for?

Do you believe that we can collaborate with you or your organization in one of the listed areas, please feel free to get in touch with us and to pitch your idea or proposal to us.

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