Giving back

Incorporating a thoughtful approach to giving back, the donation system from BioNippy has been designed with flexibility and impact in mind for every order and invoice, a fixed donation of €0.08 is automatically included. This modest amount serves as a base contribution, and clients have the option to increase this sum should they wish to make a greater impact. This empowering choice enables our clients to actively participate in supporting causes close to their hearts and to contribute to the sustainability ecosystem in the world.

When it comes to local initiatives, we offer a diverse range of associations to choose from. These associations, all carefully selected by us, cover a wide spectrum of causes. Clients can simply scroll through the options available on our platform and pick the organization that resonates most with them. Alternatively, If there is no selection of foundations or organizations, BioNippy will take the lead in selecting the organization that will receive the monthly or quarterly donation.

Expanding our reach to international causes, we introduce a series of impactful initiatives that extend beyond our local borders. Starting from €0.26 added to the invoice, clients have the opportunity to contribute to causes with global significance.

The main initiatives that we support are

Help Fight World Hunger

This option allows us to provide nourishment to those in need, with the fixed fee contributing directly to feeding a person in need.

Help Plant a Tree

Environmentally conscious clients can opt for this choice, where the fixed fee goes towards planting trees, aiding in reforestation efforts.

Help Save the Ocean

With concerns for marine ecosystems ever-present, this option enables us to channel the fixed fee towards ocean conservation and protection.

Help Biodiversity

Clients passionate about preserving the planet's rich biodiversity can contribute to this cause, supporting efforts to safeguard endangered species and ecosystems.

Among these international options, clients are required to select at least one cause per order, ensuring that each transaction contributes meaningfully to addressing global challenges. Thus, with every order you place via BioNippy, you know that you have contributed positively directly and indirectly to the good of all.

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